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Virtual Communities of Practice

Welcome to the One Health Workforce Academies course on virtual Communities of Practice. The concept of virtual Communities of Practice ( vCoPs) has recently gained popularity to bridge distance via technology for individuals and groups with an interest in a common...

Needs Assessment of Community Health in Sabana Grande, Nicaragua

About this case study: This introductory case study takes you to Nicaragua to determineView Training Material the cause of a mysterious cough in community members.  While working with colleagues of different backgrounds, you also explore the reasons why people are...

Communicating Human-Animal Interaction Risks in Guinea, Africa

In this case study, learners will apply their One Health skill set to identify the potential risky interactions between wildlife and human in the forest region in Guinea. Learners will explore the process of of engaging with the communities in the region and...

Potential Novel Pathogen in a Remote Congo Basin Village, Africa

  In this case study you are part of a team convened to respond to a cluster of illness in a remote Congo basin village. You will apply your investigation skills to determine the patterns, risks, and potential sources of the outbreak. Please click the link below...

Investigating a Gastroenteritis Outbreak in Dhaka, Bangladesh

In this case study, learners will take part in an investigation of an illness cluster among factory workers. Learners will step through the investigation process and will apply data collection, analysis, and interpretation skills. Some prior understanding of...

Sea Otter Mortality off the Coast of California, USA

About this case study: This introductory level case study challenges the trainee to explore how a single disease in wildlife can have substantial consequences in its ecosystem, including a large community of people nearby. Upon completion of this case study, the...

Restoring a Wet Meadow Ecosystem in California, USA

About this case study: This introductory level case study challenges the trainee to use system thinking techniques to resolve a complicated environmental problem while having a One Health mindset and appealing to multiple stakeholders. Upon completion of this case...