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Using the Cloud Server to Upload Videos

Video Size

WordPress only allows file sizes uploads up to 256mg. All videos above this size must be uploaded to our cloud server. 

Login instructions to upload directly to Wasabi Cloud

WordPress to Wasabi

OHWA WordPress media management structure has been linked directly with Wasabi, a cloud storage server used to store all the assets upload to the OHWA website. All assets upload directly to the OWHA wordpress media library are off-loaded onto our account with Wasabi’s servers. This is done because web hosting plans provide limited storage capacity. The expectation is that if you are a very large website needing more storage you will active cloud storage. Which is what OHWA is doing.

Wasabi to WordPress

There a few reason you may want to upload directly to the cloud server:

  • To upload large files that exceed WordPress’s direct upload limit of 250 mg size. These are usually videos.
  • People without WordPress can upload and share content with other content creators.

Accessing files upload directly to Wasabi in WordPress

In Wasabi you can click on the item and highlight and copy the full url to the item. Then copy that url into whoever you need to have that asset appear on WordPress. Similar to how you would copy a URL from Youtube to embed on a webpage.

Login instructions to upload directly to Wasabi Cloud

Login Link

Root Account Alias:



Only add assets to the folder training-material-assets in ohwa-sample-bucket