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Drug Residue Avoidance

  In this annotated PPT presentation, learners will be introduced to concepts relating to drug residue management in food animals. Recommended for use in online or in- person facilitated settings. Learning Objectives: Evaluate animal species that are defined as...

Potential Novel Pathogen in a Remote Congo Basin Village, Africa

  In this case study you are part of a team convened to respond to a cluster of illness in a remote Congo basin village. You will apply your investigation skills to determine the patterns, risks, and potential sources of the outbreak. Please click the link below...

Investigating a Gastroenteritis Outbreak in Dhaka, Bangladesh

In this case study, learners will take part in an investigation of an illness cluster among factory workers. Learners will step through the investigation process and will apply data collection, analysis, and interpretation skills. Some prior understanding of...

Watershed Management in the Njoro Region of Africa, Kenya

At the end of this case study, trainees will be able to: Understand the watershed system in the Njoro region Identify the stakeholders in the entire Njoro region community Apply critical thinking skills for solving a water-based One Health problem List negative...

Gender and One Health

Welcome to One Health Workforce Academies Gender and One Health Modules  This course spans 6 modules and provides a thorough introduction to concepts, like gender and sex, and how they relate to One Health. Each module consists of assigned readings and videos, a case...

One Health Approach to Risk Assessment

About this Facilitator Guide: This Facilitator Guide provides a detailed outline for implementing an intermediate-advanced level Problem-Based Learning course involving a One Health approach to the risk assessment process for a zoonotic disease hazard. Materials...