Subtitles / Closed Captions Implementation Testing



  • This example is using a rough cut video that was available in Dropbox that did not already have subtitle added. The subtiles you see here are generated from VVT files through this website.
  • There is a long silence in the beginning you will need to scrub forward.
  • The translations are done with Google Translate from the original text of English. Some text my not of been accuracuratedly transtionated.

  • Toggling between many languages can default to text to English. Refresh is required.


  1. Create MP4 video without subtitles 720 x 1280 HD H.264 Medium Bitrate
  2. Import into Adobe Premiere
  3. Generate Captions using “Text” panel and export SRT file
  4. Save and close Adobe Premiere. You do not need to export video with captions. We will be adding those on through the website.
  5. Convert SRT to VVT online use https://www.happyscribe.com/subtitle-tools/subtitle-converter
  6. Translate VVT file to other languages online here https://www.syedgakbar.com/projects/dst
  7. Upload original MP4 to Wasbi Cloud storage, make public and copy url
  8. Go to HP5 in site dashboard and create interactive video
  9. Place Wasbi URL to load video from cloud
  10. Below add all translation vvt files needed.
  11. Publish and place short code where needed in course, topic, or page etc.
  12. Add extra video text and image in HP5 editing features. Limit to 10 items per video.