Faculty Resources

Faculty Scholars Network is a forum to support peer-to-peer learning and sharing of best practices among faculty experts working in various aspects of One Health with particular emphasis on teaching and pedagogical approaches that are particularly relevant to the transdisciplinary nature of One Health; research implementation and extramural grant writing activities and peer-reviewed publications; and practice of One Health implementation that demand cross-sectoral collaboration.


The faculty scholars network on pedagogy supports the development, piloting, and implementation of best practices and innovative approaches for remote and in-person delivery of One Health training. Learn More


The faculty scholars’ network on research supports evidence-based advances in the knowledge base for One Health through facilitating interdisciplinary scientific activities among faculty members. Since 2021, workshops on research grant writing have been implemented to share best strategies for successful applications to private and public funding agencies. Through this One Health Workforce academy, faculty scholars also have access to current opportunities including requests for applications (RFAs) and faculty can share requests for collaboration on research projects, or pose questions to colleagues. In the future, we envision a searchable database of faculty expertise across the One Health network will be implemented to facilitate consultation and collaboration.


The faculty scholars’ network on practice supports inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration to develop, pilot, and implement practical solutions to global health problems rooted in the One Health framework. Since 2021, virtual communities of practice based on ECHO’s strategic platform have brought faculty members together with practitioners to share knowledge and best practices for eLearning (organized by the AFROHUN secretariat) and Antimicrobial Resistance (organized by AFROHUN-Kenya). Faculty members who wish to initiate virtual communities of practice using the ECHO model of case-based learning and telementoring on One Health-related topics also have an opportunity to learn from the resources available on this site.