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CCMS Users

CCMS Login vs. Site Login

Do not use the login link on the site’s top navigation. CCMS login is hidden to the general public. Use links below.

CCMS Registration / Login for Respondents

General website users can register or login from three locations on the site to access CCMS:

  1. Registration:
  2. Login:

CCMS Admin Backend access user granted advance access to see results

  1. These logins are given out manually by the site development team to CCMS managers.
  2. One you have your credentials you can login here
  1. Currently site development is handled by Bluemarker LLC. Comments/requests should be made through Efua Egyirba Acquaah-Harrison Owusu ( Requests for Backend access must be made by email.
  2. There are 3 general backend logins for CCMS managers. Contact Admin for these passwords.
  1. The image below is an example of backend access for the CCMS managers. The black bar across the top gives managers access to Survey Entries.

Seeing CCMS Results

  • By clicking on Survey Entries in the black bar in (Image B) on previous page, CCMS managers can see the CCMS register results screen below
  • Select a Form Name
  • The first default results screen will show 1 question at time first. Here managers can click through each question manually.
  • There is a visualization toggle that can be used to set different views.
  • Export All button can export CSV or Excel
  • To see all answers “Select See All Results,”  calculating all results does take 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Once All Results appear managers can review all questions, set graphics and export the results.

Filter Data

CCMS Managers can also filter data per question or date range on the entry table page. See screenshot below for reference

 “1. Please select Network” on the search form located at the upper right corner of the table with a value of “SEAOHUN.”  All survey entries with “SEAOHUN” answered are  displayed.

Same as above example,  the admin selects the question“1. Please select Network” on with a value of “AFROHUN”. All survey entries with “AFROHUN” answered are  displayed.

*Note: The ability to filter data is currently limited to the table result.Editing / Deleting CCMS Content


CCMS manager can change responds to each respondents question by selecting “Edit”

Deleting Data

Currently only the website development team can delete users and their survey data.