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Adding Video to Courses

1. Using video links, iframes, and/or embeds

Use video links and embed code when possible for Youtube or other hosted videos that allow embedding. This will save space on our servers. The video takes up a lot of storage memory. 

2. Uploading to the website media library

  • Videos can only be uploaded to the media library if they are under 250mg
  • These are usually videos that do not need subtitles, are supplemental videos, not primarily content that must have closed captioning
  • Always try to compress video here is an online video compressor them https://www.freeconvert.com/video-compressor

3. Uploading to OHWA Vimeo account

Use OHWA Vimeo account for videos that need subtitles and/or are larger than 250mg
Vimeo Login Credentials: Contact OHWA tech support for credentials

4. How to upload to Vimeo for use on OHWA website