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Creating a Quiz

Part 1: Attaching a quiz to a training material course

Quizzes are attached to module or topic within a training material course. This was discussed in Instructor Orientation: Creating a Course Part 2 This tutorial picks up after you have added a quiz name to you training material builder area.

Part 2: Adding questions to a quiz

  • Within your training material course builder select edit next to your quiz.
  • The quiz will open.
  • Click past this area into the Builder section of the quiz.
  • Open the toggle in the Builder area if closed.
  • Add a question name.
  • Click toggle to the right of the name and add the name again to the question area.
  • Use H3 header styling for question text so they stand out on the page.
  • Pick question style, for example ‘Single choice’.
    • Single choice
    • Multiple choice
    • Free choice
    • Sorting choice
    • Matrix sorting choice
    • Fill in the blank
    • Assessment (survey)
    • Essay (open answer)
  • Add answers.
  • Update (Save) page.
  • Continue to add questions as needed, being sure to save your progress.
  • Limit number of question to 5 if possible for topic quizzes and 10 questions for full module quizzes.

Part 3:  Standard OHWA quiz settings

Progression and Restrictions Setting
– Passing Score = 80%
– Question Completion= ON

Display and Content
– Autostart = ON
– Question Display = All questions at once (or paginated)
– Question Overview Table = ON

Results Page Display
– Result Message(s) = ON
– Message = An 80% or above is required to pass this quiz.
– Restart Quiz button = ON
– Custom Results Display = ON
– Overall Score= ON
– No. of Correct Answers = ON
– Custom Answer Feedback= ON
– Correct / Incorrect Messages = ON
– Correct / Incorrect Answer Marks = ON
– View Questions Button = ON

Administrative and Data Handling Settings
– Quiz Statistics
– Front-end Profile Display

Part 4: Review LearnDash created documentation on quizzes