Secretariats CLASS Scores Questionnaire

Steps Toward Institutionalization/Accreditation
0 = no activity
10 = fully implemented
Notes and Next Step(s)
1. Is the secretariat convening a regular forum for reviewing and standardizing One Health training modules?
2. Does the secretariat convene review forum and publish best practices for operating student clubs?
3. Is the secretariat disseminating best practices, for example, for pedagogical techniques, research opportunities and practices, field experiential learning?
4. Has the secretariat established meaningful interactions with professional organizations that accredit certificates, degree programs, and continuing professional development activities?
5. Does the secretariat have the capacity to coordinate and international virtual community of practice?
6. Does the secretariat maintain a database of potential employers of One Health trainees?
7. Does the secretariat maintain a database of One Health faculty expertise committed to teaching and research across the regional network with access to other One Health Workforce international networks?
8. Does the secretariat provide scholarships and small grants for trainees and faculty members?
9. Does the secretariat engage in sensitization events for government agencies, and international organizations such as FAO, OIE, UNEP, WHO, ASEAN, and ECOWAS?
10. Is the secretariat coordinating internship opportunities for trainees in public and private agencies?