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Drug Residue Avoidance

  In this annotated PPT presentation, learners will be introduced to concepts relating to drug residue management in food animals. Recommended for use in online or in- person facilitated settings. Learning Objectives: Evaluate animal species that are defined as...

Climate Science and One Health: Climate Science Foundations

This Tool Kit includes resources and implementation strategies for the delivery of Module 1 of Climate Science and One Health: Climate Science Foundations. Resources include: Facilitators Guide and lesson materials in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation, a Video...

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Coastal Marine Environments

  Welcome to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Coastal Marine Environments This is a single module course that presents an introduction to concepts of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the marine environment. This course is designed as a follow-up to the 11...

One Health Toxicology

Announcing a new course in One Health Toxicology coming soon! Led by UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Professor of One Environmental Health Toxicology, Wilson Rumbeiha, this course will introduce learners to key competencies in One Health Toxicology and will use...

One Health Policy and Advocacy

Course Introduction The fully online asynchronous course draws from key concepts for One Health policy and current negotiations to improve global health security and wellness for the world’s population. The full course will be available for enrollment in the coming...

Bending the Curve: Climate Education for All

 OHWA is proud to preview the climate education curriculum Bending the Curve: Climate Education for All. Coming soon, OHWA will present a curated version of this trans-disciplinary curriculum focused on climate change solutions to bend the warming curve and to...

Introduction to Epidemiology

The goal of the course is to equip you with basic understanding of terms that are frequently used in epidemiology and show that One Health and Epidemiology are closely interlinked. You will learn One Health perspectives that you can apply in your own career, whether...