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Course Pre-release Checklist

Main Course Page


  • Cover Image (16:9 ratio image)
  • Feature Image (4:3 ratio image)


  • Course description summary below cover image.
  • Add a summary of enrollment & course start details in bullet form

Check Attributes

  • Type
  • Competency Domains
  • Training Programs
  • Training/Competency Level
  • Networks Delivery
  • Mode
  • Language
  • Country
  • Cost


  • Linear
  • Closed
  • Add excerpt description
  • Certificate
    • select mini certificate




Modules & Topics

  • All should be published and not unlisted
  • Review spelling etc.
  • Check all links
  • Make sure all topics and modules do not have unlist checked



  • Closed captions and transcripts are highly suggested for all videos
  • You can use Vimeo to add and upload course videos
  • See Adding video to courses



  • Activities show all have settings to auto-approve
  • Activities should all have upload type noted in settings jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, gif.

Quizzes + Pre and Post Tests 

Pre and Post Demographic Surveys 

In the first Module create a Topic and call it  Pre Demographic Survey and type this in the text within the topic exactly as it appears.

In the last module create a Topic and call it Post Demographic Survey and type in this text

Important: On those topics, disable “Auto-Complete” option – which can be found the bottom front page of Topics.



Once all items are checked off,  let website team leaders know your course is ready.  They will check the main page setting and set the course live if everything looks in order.

Webmaster do not review the course content and links but they can check for essential items need to go live.