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Continuing Professional Development

Restoring a Wet Meadow Ecosystem in California, USA

About this case study: This introductory level case study challenges the trainee to use system thinking techniques to resolve a complicated environmental problem while having a One Health mindset and appealing to multiple stakeholders. Upon completion of this case...

Sea Otter Mortality off the Coast of California, USA

About this case study: This introductory level case study challenges the trainee to explore how a single disease in wildlife can have substantial consequences in its ecosystem, including a large community of people nearby. Upon completion of this case study, the...

One Health Approach to Risk Assessment

About this Facilitator Guide: This Facilitator Guide provides a detailed outline for implementing an intermediate-advanced level Problem-Based Learning course involving a One Health approach to the risk assessment process for a zoonotic disease hazard. Materials...

Virtual Communities of Practice

Welcome to the One Health Workforce Academies course on virtual Communities of Practice. The concept of virtual Communities of Practice ( vCoPs) has recently gained popularity to bridge distance via technology for individuals and groups with an interest in a common...

COVID-19 One Health Update on Community Surveillance for SEAOHUN

AGENDA Housekeeping/Welcome comments ECHO: Bruce Struminger UC Davis: Jonna Mazet SEAOHUN Secretariat: Vipat Kuruchittham Global updates and topic introduction UC Davis: Brian Bird Community Surveillance - Global Approaches Ending Pandemics: Mark Smolinski ProMED:...

Risk Communication & Community Engagement

Welcome to the Risk Communication & Community Engagement Course This dynamic training course spans 10 online modules and provides an introduction to the principles and concepts of a comprehensive One Health approach to risk communication related to a disease...