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Gender and One Health

Welcome to One Health Workforce Academies Gender and One Health Modules This course spans 6 modules and provides a thorough introduction to concepts, like gender and sex, and how they relate to One Health. Each module consists of assigned readings and videos, a case...

Needs Assessment of Community Health in Sabana Grande, Nicaragua

About this case study: This introductory case study takes you to Nicaragua to determineView Training Material the cause of a mysterious cough in community members.  While working with colleagues of different backgrounds, you also explore the reasons why people are...

Mountain Gorilla Respiratory Disease Dynamics in Rwanda, Africa

About this case study: This intermediate-level case study leads you into the jungles of Rwanda to help protect both wild gorillas and people.  Navigate the delicate ecotourism industry and public relations associated with this situation in this study. Upon completion...

Virtual Communities of Practice

Welcome to the One Health Workforce Academies course on virtual Communities of Practice. The concept of virtual Communities of Practice ( vCoPs) has recently gained popularity to bridge distance via technology for individuals and groups with an interest in a common...

Antimicrobial Resistance among Household Poultry in Tanzania, Africa

About this case study: This introductory case study takes place in a village in Tanzania.  You are responsible for communicating the importance and mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance to various stakeholders.  Start this case study to see if you have what it takes...

Risk Communication & Community Engagement

Welcome to the Risk Communication & Community Engagement Course This dynamic training course spans 10 online modules and provides an introduction to the principles and concepts of a comprehensive One Health approach to risk communication related to a disease...

Fatal Febrile Disease Outbreak in Tanzania, Africa

About this case study: This intermediate-level case study takes you on an investigatory adventure in Tanzania.  You hear of an unknown fatal outbreak nearby and are asked to determine the cause.  Can you do it?  Find out here! Upon completion of this case study, the...

Antimicrobial Resistance in One Health: Introductory Level

Source: FAO.org. A member of the AMR Surveillance Pilot Study among chicken layering farmers within Kiambu County analyzes samples in a laboratory in Nairobi, Kenya. Welcome to Antimicrobial Resistance in One Health Introductory Course This dynamic training course...